Red Flags Everywhere

Can we all take a moment of silence, for the ones who have been blinded and fooled by fake charm and personality? When you really thought, “they might be the one” or “this might be it”, just to turn around and realized you were surely mistaken. Don’t feel bad, stupid or just flat out wrong; it’s more common with us human beings than you think. We are all one big happy family, full of hot mess. We can’t stop some for doing what they do, especially when you care for the one doing so. You’re blinded because the one who says they care for you would never do you harm right? Sadly that’s not always the case. However, if one or more of these red flags just happens to pop up, maybe it’s best to NOT turn a blind eye. This is all from personal experience alone, and everyone is completely different. For many people who play these games though, their tactics can be quite similar! I have made my own names for each of these wonderful flags because there is no need to be so serious! Remember life is meant for many different experiences, good and BAD.

First we have the No Home Gnome. This is the person that never wants to go to their own house. In fact, they will go anywhere BUT their house. At first, I was completely fine. I like to be in my own environment. I have all my things and am able to act or do whatever I want without regarding the care of someone else’s things. I was in my comfort zone. Then you’re now going on two weeks, then three weeks of complete avoidance of the subject. When the topic comes up, you come up with one reason after another why we should go somewhere else instead. Now I’m wondering if your place is even existent, maybe it’s just uninhabitable right. RED FLAG! This one is a bit harder to see at first but eventually ends up slapping you right in the face.

Now we have the Phone Tilting Phony. This is almost self-explanatory but let me just do a quick

clarification. Now I personally believe that at the beginning of talking to someone, before relationship status is brought into the picture, privacy is completely acceptable. However, I believe that when the terms boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other come into play; certain types of privacy should no longer exist. Just for example; if you are calling me your girlfriend and is still tilting your phone away from me as you text someone, you officially look like you’re hiding something. Then when this is brought up as conversation, you get mad. This all could’ve been avoided very easily; you just HAD to throw up that red flag huh?

Next and most importantly, I have my favorite of them all, the Altering Author. This is the person

that makes your head spin and not in a good way. When you get a migraine, you usually end up naming it after this particular human. When something comes up or certain questions are asked, they come up with some huge unnecessary response. This response may even seem novel worthy. The head spinning part happens when someone else may ask the same question or something related, and receives a completely different chapter in return. Now here’s when the migraine happens. You end up confronting your story teller about this and end up regretting it all because they try to tie all chapters together somehow, not understanding that their chapters are all from completely separate books. They show off their red flag as you put up you white flag because “ow”, what’s the point. Within 48 hours of talking to this person, you can see this bright red flag undulating through the air. Even then, it’s easy to discourage hesitant thoughts because how could someone story tell this well.


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