Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Beauty

It isn’t a secret, if you know anything about makeup you know what a big deal Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is. Pop queen Rihanna has become quite a creator in the past decade launching perfume, shoes, and jewelry for starters. The foundations feature forty different skin tones which range from it’s lightest color of 100 in a neutral hue to it’s darkest 490 cool hue.

Rihanna’s line also includes other necessary tools such as highlighters, concealers, primers, liners, and lipsticks in various flattering tones. The bad girl has even included picture tutorials for some of Fenty Beauty’s most signature looks so that every girl will be able to accomplish the look she is going for. The “Trophy Wife” highlighter has quickly become a fan favorite, the shimmery golden hue that can give any girl the inner glow she is looking for. In fact one of Rihanna’s more unorthodox followers loved the highlighter so much that she recorded herself destroying it with a fork! Before you start getting any crazy ideas she was repurposing it, and loosening it to use as a highlighter for her entire body which of course Rihanna approves of per Instagram.

This has been the biggest makeup release and trend since the Kylie Jenner lip kit fad. In fact there have even been disputes as to the differences between the two celebrity make up lines since Kylie Cosmetics would be Fenty’s only real potential competition. Fans of both side have been clashing over which one is better and most likely will continue following Rihanna’s holiday release of her “Galaxy Pallete” which will be released October 13, yet to be announced whether or not it is limited edition.

Clearly, Fenty Beauty has the support of many and thus far has lived up to celebrity makeup standards. Rihanna has taken a step towards diversity by expanding foundation colors to fit African American women’s needs that have been previously unmet. It has also been confirmed that Fenty Beauty is indeed cruelty free at all of the stages of development. Fenty even refused to distribute in China because testing of products on animals is necessary.

So I don’t know about you, but know I that on my personal wishlist the new Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette is definitely going to be at the top.

Georgia Cross is currently studying technical writing in Los Angeles. She currently has her associates degree in audio engineering, and is a freelance audio engineer when she isn't writing. You can follow her on Instagram @BlondeAndWhatnot.

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