Love Conquers All


A phrase that was yelled several times to my fiancé and I by a lady as we walked into our local Walmart. My Fiancé and I are an interracial couple. Believe it or not, this was not the first time we experienced such racism. In fact, on several occasions I’ve gotten questions like, “Is your dad okay with it?” or “Were there no white people where you grew up?”.

Despite it being 2017, ignorance is still very much a thing. Ignorance doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, or ethnicity.

We’ve experienced it from all types of people. Each time it happens, it breaks my heart. The people who exude such hatred don’t see the insides of our relationship. They don’t see that he carries me to bed after being so tired from work that I fell asleep on the couch. They don’t see that he prefills the coffee pot every night so I can sleep in an extra five minutes, even though he doesn’t drink coffee. They don’t see the way I cook and bring him dinner while he works long hours.

The people who so blatantly voice their negative opinions don’t know us. They do nothing for us, therefore we will never let them break us. Ladies, no matter what gender or race your significant other is, do not let the opinions of others affect your relationship.

Be Strong!

Be Happy!

At the end of the day, it’s you two who will be cuddling during a Netflix and chill session. It will be you two, paying the bills to your crappy first apartment every month. It won’t be you, your significant other, and the “Walmart lady” who radiated hatred.

Never let someone who doesn’t matter affect your happiness. Put on that shade of lipstick that makes you feel powerful, grab the hand of the person who makes your soul happy on dark days, and go out and face the world together. Between the two of you, you have the most powerful thing in the world. LOVE!

Cassie Sheets is a full time wish coordinator for a nonprofit that grants wishes to children facing life threatening illnesses. She is an aspiring blogger who wants to change the world by encouraging her readers to love themselves and spread love to others.

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